Job of a Lifetime

Erin Dorney is a 25 year old outreach librarian working at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. You can follow her on twitter, read her blog or send her an email to:  libraryscenester[at sign]gmail[dot]com.

Hello fellow young, ever-inspirational, forward-thinking librarians. I am requesting your assistance.

For the past year I have been the editor of the Job of a Lifetime column in College & Research Libraries News. Each column consists of an interview and accompanying podcast with a librarian who has a unique job that they love. So far, I’ve done an interview with Brian Mathews on his position as User Experience Librarian at Georgia Tech and an interview with a trio of Emerging Technologies Librarians at Towson University.

I am looking for more librarians to interview, and that’s where you all come in. I would love to feature some young librarians who truly love their jobs. The only requirements:

*You work in an academic library environment
*You love your job
*There is something unique about your position (how it was created, your responsibilities, etc)

As young librarians, you may not have been in your position for long. I have only been in my first professional library position since I graduated in the spring of ’08. We might be too inexperienced to say whether this is literally our “job of a lifetime” but just because we haven’t been here long doesn’t mean that we can’t love what we do. It’s a great opportunity to share your passion and let people know about the new and unique positions young librarians are contributing to. Please consider contacting me and spreading the news about this opportunity.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out my blog where I cover various topics including conferences, ALA, emerging leaders, LIS students, user experience, next-gen librarianship, marketing and outreach. Some of the most popular posts that may be of interest include So, you’re thinking about becoming a librarian?, Library Day in the Life, Ohio & King Library, and 5 Surprises from first year as an MLIS.

I hope to hear from you soon! Keep on making me proud to be a librarian.

– Erin

Interested in submitting something to the Young Librarian Series? Check out the submissions page or send an email at: See you next week!