Are you interested in participating in the Young Librarian Series?  Here are some things to consider!

The mission of the series is to provide a sense of community for Gen Y and young Gen X librarians and library workers.  This will be a space to share our thoughts, our triumphs and also our struggles.

Some examples for postings: video highlighting a circulating video game collection you instituted in your library; podcast about your experience job searching; a post about managing different generations; essay about breaking librarian stereotypes.

Really the topic is up to you.  This is about your experience as a young information professional.  What topics are you passionate about?  Is your strength writing? Then consider making an essay.  Do you enjoy editing media? Then consider doing a video.  Are you an artist? Would you be interested in contributing some sort of library influenced art to the series?

These are all things you could consider when submitting.  You must be 40 and under to submit work for the series. If you plan on writing an essay it should be a readable, blog friendly length.  And if you want to bounce potential ideas off me, I am always open to a brainstorming session.

Send all submissions and questions to:

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